Culture is typically informed by a set of explicit values that seed the norms, symbols, rituals, and other cultural activities (ref) that describe 'the way things get done around here' (ref). And indeed, how we don't do stuff around here.

Culture can be described in terms of solidarity, that is the tendency to be like-minded, and sociability, that is the tendency to be friendly to each other (ref). Some cultures emphasize either or neither, but AKASHA treasures and nurtures both. Up to a point. We qualify like-mindedness.

Like-minds are sought in terms of the characteristics and outlook required to make AKASHA happen, but unlike-mindedness is needed to secure a productive dissonance, a friction, through which better ways may be discovered, designed, and executed.

In other words, respectful disagreement is welcome.


An organization's vision describes the world as it will help make it.

Some visions are easier to describe than others. Feed the world. Colonize Mars. End ageing.

Our vision is similarly ambitious, but we've yet to find a pithy way to say it beyond the expression of our purpose. Articulation of what our purpose will mean for humanity remains a work in progress. If you are a wordsmith or accomplished storyteller, please dive in!

Our values


👉 Purposeful action

We take time to reflect on the nature and reaches of our actions. We ask what’s right? Strive to do the right things. And do these things right.

💡 Playful creativity

We infuse everything we do with playfulness, imagination, and innovation. We explore constantly, bringing new ideas to light and new projects to life.

🧠 Continuous learning

We are on a journey of discovery and knowledge building. We grow together and find joy in the fact that there’s always something new to learn.

🌐 Interdependence

We are all part of something greater than ourselves. Our journey is experienced together in accompaniment, synergy and co-operation.

👐 Openness

We are open to co-operation and collaboration with people, projects and organizations sharing our values. Everyone’s uniqueness adds to the whole.

🌱 Diversity

Our purpose demands understanding, and understanding requires a diverse mix of people, disciplines, and perspectives. We’re all playing on ‘Team Human’.

🙏 Gratitude

We are grateful to be standing on the shoulders of giants and strive to acknowledge everyone’s contributions through everything we do. Thank you!


We act with integrity as individuals and live by our values as a community. We will never compromise our values, even if this impacts our revenues.


A manifesto is a declaration of our purpose, vision and values in compelling format. We're still working out how best to communicate our vision, but perhaps the best way to present the vision and the overarching manifesto is 🎬 AKASHA The Movie 📽 ?