Security policy

We expect all our employees to always follow this policy.

  • Always use your @akasha email address to connect to services and tools.

  • Whenever the option exists, use 2FA - preferably U2f.

  • Install firewalls and antimalware software.

  • Keep all devices password protected.

  • Ensure to not leave devices exposed or unattended.

  • Install security updates of browsers and systems as soon as they are available.

  • Log into company accounts and systems through secure and private networks only.

  • Check email and names of people you received a message from to ensure they are legitimate.

  • Choose passwords with at least eight characters (including capital and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols) and avoid information that can be easily guessed (e.g. birthdays.)

  • Refrain from downloading suspicious, unauthorized, or illegal software on your devices.

  • Avoid accessing suspicious websites.

  • Change all account passwords at once when a device is lost or stolen.

  • Report lost and stolen devices

  • Report scams, privacy breaches, and hacking attempts immediately.