This short guide assumes that you already have some knowledge on how to use our preferred email marketing client, Mailchimp. If you have never used this before, we would suggest watching this introduction video to get up to speed.

Our newsletter is sent every month using Mailchimp, this normally in the first week of the month, unless there are circumstances that have arisen to justify a delay. The newsletter contains a short introductory message containing around 250 words which is signed off:

Gratefully, The AKASHA Team

After this, the email will include links to blog articles that have been published in the month that has just passed. These links use the Image + Caption content boxes, and so they will be sent with the hero image of each blog, and a short introduction from each piece which normally comprises the first line of the blog article.

We will also include links to other content, such as seminars and videos, when they are relevant to the information that we are trying to get across to our audience.

If a large quantity of blog posts have been posted in the month that you are collating content for, prioritize those which speak to the general theme of the newsletter in question. If you're unsure of what to include, ask in the #af-comms Slack channel.


Once the email is put together, test it by sending it to yourself using the Send a test email function. Ensure that it has been thoroughly checked over for the links, images, and copy before this email goes into the queue. It's very easy to miss small mistakes when you are proofing things yourself, and so other eyes can go a long way towards helping us to keep all communications are consistent, clear, and as error free as possible.


When the email is ready to go, create a Campaign, sending to the correct list in Mailchimp. We send emails with the maximum quantity of batches, 15mins apart when it comes to the AKASHAorg list. Email are sent on weekdays, but not Mondays or Fridays if avoidable.

Where possible, it can be useful to allow Mailchimp to send emails to contacts at different times, depending upon where they are located in the world. Using this tool allows us to maximize our open rate by getting to the top of as many individuals' inboxes as possible, but this is not a useful tool when it comes to the main email list, as it precludes batching the send.