Getting started

Just joined the core team? Welcome to the family! We are always excited to onboard new team members, and we wish you lots of fun while hacking on AKASHA's projects.

We maintain this section to provide you with some shortcuts for a productive and enjoyable start. Please, go through all items below diligently.


  • Start by reviewing our code of conduct and security policy.

  • Have a security key with you, as you'll need to activate two-factor authentication (2FA/U2f) in your AKASHA accounts.

  • Get your email address, activate 2FA/U2f, update your profile.

  • Join our Slack server, activate 2FA/U2f, update your profile, join the channels, and introduce yourself in the #all-hands channel.

  • Join our Discord server, activate 2FA, update your profile.

  • Ask one of our Discord admins to add you to AKASHA's group so that other users can see you're part of the core team.

  • Set your working hours & availability in your AKASHA calendar.

  • Check Tools we use and prepare your work environment accordingly.

  • Join the AKASHA Team on GitHub, activate 2FA/U2f, and update your profile.

  • Have a good look on — there is tons of relevant information there. In particular, review our values in depth, as everyone working at AKASHA is expect to be guided by them.

  • Check the section How to to be aware of what kind of information is availble there.

  • Check out what we have been up to on our social media accounts.

  • Add yourself to the Team section on our website.

  • Add relevant shared calendars to your personal AKASHA calendar.

  • Review and discuss your schedule and working hours with your peers.