AKASHA Playbook

This collection of internal references is maintained to serve as a set of guidelines for all core team members on anything related to our culture, structure, processes, roles, and rituals. It also offers us an opportunity to reinforce who we actually are as an organization, codifying those beliefs to make them tangible and, most importantly, adaptable as needed.

As a member of our core team, it's your responsibility to keep yourself updated on all relevant matters from this Playbook.


If you've just joined the core team, please start with the getting started checklist.


We organize ourselves in different initiative groups, and each group might be split into different teams.

Currently, we have the following initiative groups:

  • AKASHA World Framework (AWF);

  • Ethereum.World (EWA); and

  • AKASHA Hub Network.

What your workday looks like

The main collaboration tools we use are Slack, Asana, GitHub, and Everhour (you can see a comprehensive list of tools we use here).

We start our days by sharing our main goals for the day in the Slack channel #all-teams. Reference the respective Asana task(s) whenever possible.

Discussions related to any specific task must happen within Asana in the respective task ticket. Plus, we track the time we allocate to those tasks with Everhour.

You can find any material related to design (guidelines, components, source files etc) on either our Style Guide or in the respective GitHub repository.

Each group and team might have their own regular status update meetings. Plus, biweekly we have the All Teams Meeting with the attendance of all core team members. In this meeting, teams are required to provide status updates on their OKRs. Check the shared calendars for more information.

Security Policy

Our security policy outlines our guidelines and provisions for preserving the security of our data and technology infrastructure. We expect all our employees to always follow this policy.

What else?

You can find additional information about our structure in the section The AKASHA Stack; and in addition tutorials and information about our processes and guidelines in the section How-To. If you have any relevant questions that are not yet answered anywhere there, please help us to update those sections with the proper material.


This playbook is a collaborative effort. Please, do help to improve it and to keep it up to date. For more details, please check how to update the playbook.